The complete hosting platform for PHP developers

Amezmo is the best cloud server platform for developing, hosting, and deploying PHP apps. We provide a modern platform as a service designed for freelancers, startups, and agencies.

Spend time writing PHP apps, not managing servers

State of the art

We host your app in an optimized container designed for the latest versions of PHP, Node, Redis, and MySQL. Your instances are allocated dedicated memory, CPU, and disk resources and are always on.

Private networking

Each app gets a private subnet and inbound connections are not possible. Easily share dedicated services such as MySQL, or Redis inside your subnet and forget about setting up firewalls.


Automatically get the latest PHP security updates and patch releases. Amezmo installs these for you at no charge.

Horizontal scaling

Scale horizontally by attaching sharing instances to your app. Common use cases are dedicated MySQL intances, and dedicated PHP/Laravel workers.

Free SSL Certificates

Automatic SSL certificates for all your custom domains provided by LetsEncrypt.


Launch a worker or queue process easily with one click. Amezmo starts and monitors your queues and workers.

Atomic PHP Deployments

  • Rollbacks

    Make a mistake, or accidentally deploy to prod? Not a problem. Instantly rollback to a previous deployment. Rollbacks are atomic, and do not trigger a re-deployment. Amezmo keeps your 4 most recent successful releases around in case you need to switch.

  • Push to Deploy

    Atomic deployments each time you push. Set your target branch, and we'll start a new deployment each time you push.

  • Modular

    Run a hook script at each step of the deployment process. Your deployments don't succeeed unless your hooks pass. Your last successful deployment is always released, and never replaced until the next deployment succeeds.

Git Deployment


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