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Amezmo: April 2021 Update: MySQL 8 and more

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In the first of our series of monthly updates, we’re excited to share updates to Amezmo, and share with you new and exciting features, and changes. There’s always room to improve, so let’s go over what changed in April 2021 on Amezmo.


MySQL 5.7 has always been the default version, and continues to stay the default going forward. With that being sad, we’ve been listening to your feedback and are proud to now officially support MySQL 8.

Custom Maintenance windows

Amezmo is a managed PHP hosting service that aims to gives developers a hands-off approach to deploying and hosting PHP applications. Of course, running a PHP application is as simple as spinning up a $5 Digital Ocean Droplet. However, where Amezmo shines is when you don’t want to have the maintenance burden surrounding you.

Automatic maintenance windows on Amezmo lets you choose the time you want to run scheduled security updates and other operating system updates to happen. Take a look at the guide on enabling automatic security updates to learn more.

GitHub Deployment Triggers

Automatic deployments on Amezmo work by GitHub sending a web hook upon any push activity to your repository. This works well, but there are other workflows that can trigger a deployment now. As of April 2021, Amezmo starts a new automated deployment upon creating a release on GitHub. This release event sends a web hook to Amezmo and we start a new deployment.

As always, please let us know if there are any features you’d like to see, and we’ll certainly listen. We’re striving to build the perfect PHP hosting platform, for popular frameworks such as Laravel, CraftCMS and more.

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