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What is Managed PHP Hosting?

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Over the past decade shared hosting became not the only option for running web applications.

Before AWS, Linode, and Digital Ocean, the next step up from shared hosting was fully dedicated servers. Fully dedicated still requires manual server maintenance. Transition into 2018, and we’ve got another option for hosting PHP applications.

Managed PHP Hosting (MPH) is a new term that abstracts the DevOps side of running professional PHP applications. The difference between MPH and raw Linux virtual machine-based hosting is simple. The time and effort it takes to get a secure, professional, and reliable server up and running for PHP apps is not trivial. MPH providers like Amezmo automate the provisioning of Linux servers and tune them for running modern PHP apps.

Here at Amezmo, Continuous Deployments (CD), a core aspect of a managed hosting solution, is a first-class feature. With MPH, the developer team lead focuses on delivering the application, and not on maintain servers. Automated database backups and securely connecting to MySQL over SSL are both examples of extra work, outside the context of pure application development. Maintaining both the server infrastructure, and the application itself are both full time jobs. Amezmo helps the development team stay focused on writing software, instead of setting up servers.

Why managed?

Managing server infrastructure and DevOps in general, is a full time role. Can you dedicate the necessary time and effort required to maintain a secure, professional, and reliable server backend?

For startups, and small teams, managing CD pipeline infrastructure and DevOps is not feasible. We talked to the CTO of 1Export. She said that while AWS’s container service offering is less expensive than Amezmo, it still lacks the automated deployment features that Amezmo offers.

Managed PHP hosting lets your development team focus on building software, instead of maintaining the necessary plumbing required to run your applications.

What You Pay For

When deciding between hosting providers, price is one factor to consider in making the choice. Of course, raw VPS providers like Digital Ocean, and Linode are going to be the cheapest options out there. But, it’s worth considering the non-monetary costs of using raw virtual machines.

The choice to make between a Managed PHP Hosting provider, and a VPS provider boils down to how much time you can invest in your server infrastructure. We can use a baking analogy to illustrate this concept. How often do you find yourself baking your own bread?

If you’re like most people, and you probably are, you bake bread from scratch using flour, water, and other primitive ingredients like salt, and sugar only on special occasions, or as a hobby.

If you were delivering food for a wedding, would you use your valuable time in baking a from-scratch artisan loaf of bread for each guest? Probably not, because the time it takes is better spent in other parts of food preparation and planning.

So with Managed PHP Hosting, you pay not the raw compute power, or the hardware costs. You pay for the continuous deployment management suite, automated server provisioning with state-of-the-art security, and human support.

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