Spectacular PHP Servers

You can forget about opening VIM to edit that configuration file. Now, you have on-demand servers hosted and provisioned for you by Amezmo. All the best features with everything you need, and more.

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Forget about configuring your server

It’s really a waste of valuable time to manually provision your own PHP server. Of course, you’re capable of doing this either manually, or in a semi-automated fashion with bash scripts. Amezmo automates everything you need to run your modern, secure, and most of all, beautiful PHP application.

  • Fully automated provisioning

    Giving you the capability of spinning up a new server in 30 seconds, fully configured and optimized for running your most popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel, or Symfony

  • Backed by the leading cloud provider

    You may have heard of other configuration as a service companies, providing you the configuration, but not the server. Amezmo provides you both the server and the configuration service. All backed by AWS.

  • Security first

    As a great developer, you're always thinking about security and following best practices. Now, we're not saying that Amezmo will take away your desire to write secure code, but we are saying that when you spin up a server, you can be assured it's secure by default.

  • Built for PHP

    Wouldn't it be great if you could import your code to a server and literally have it run without having to configure anything? Amezmo is the easiest place to run and host your PHP applications. Oh, and you haven't even seen the feature list yet.

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Managed PHP application infrastructure

Amezmo makes it easy for you to instantly spin up PHP environments for your application. From dedicated worker nodes, to automated deployments, we have everything you need to deploy, manage, and host your application.

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