Developer Friendly PHP Servers

The only zero-downtime PHP deployment platform that doesn't require a cloud service provider. Get started for as low as $5

Fast PHP server provisioning

Instantly create production ready PHP environments for your application. Amezmo installs, secures, and configures Nginx, FPM, Redis, and MySQL out of the box for you, while also hosting your private instance in our container management engine. Learn more

Save Time

Instead of spending time setting up a new server, you can focus on shipping code for your product. Of course, you're capable of doing all of this server provisioning yourself, but we know your time is valuable. Learn more

Powerful Features

Automate your deployment with a simple GitHub integration. Schedule your tasks with the cron job editor. Handle async processing with our queue manager. Easily deploy your application to a custom HTTPS enabled domain name of your choice.
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Batteries Included

We provision and host isolated virtualized Linux containers optimized for the PHP runtime with dedicated memory, storage, and CPU. You don't need a cloud server provider to use Amezmo. Learn more

Zero-Downtime Deployment

Deploy your application in one commit with Git.

Import your PHP code from GitHub. Amezmo provides you with an optimized private server instance specifically built for PHP applications. Learn more

Scheduled Tasks With Cron

Schedule your tasks with the simple cron job task editor. You simply upload, or paste your shell script, and Amezmo will take care of configuring the entry on your container.

Simple, Yet Flexible

Run your scheduled tasks with Bash, or implement the logic in PHP and just use Bash to call your PHP script. Your choice.

Automatic Logging

Amezmo handles the logging of your Cron jobs. Each cron entry gets a dedicated log file that you can download at any time.

Standard CRUD Operations

We've taken care of the create, read, update, and delete routine when it comes to Cron. Never again will you have to spend time debugging your Cron daemon configuration.

Queue Monitoring

Simplify your life with the simple queue manager. Amezmo configures the logging, restarting, and log rotation for all your queues reducing the things you need to worry about.

Unlimited Queues

Run as many queues as you'd like. There are no limits on the number of queues or workers you create.

Automatic Logging

Download your logs at anytime through the dashboard.


Never worry about manually restarting your queues again.

SSL Certificates

Amezmo reduces the amount of time you need to spend on infrastruture tasks allowing you to stay focused on your application.

Custom domain

All instances of Amezmo are designed to use a custom domain. Your certificate is automatically acquired and renewed.

Testing domain

At server launch time a unique domain is generated for you, so you can immediately deploy your application, and see the results in real time. This testing domain is optional, so you can turn it off at any time.

Certificate renewal

After your domain name is setup, Amezmo generates a SSL certificate through LetsEncrypt. This certificate is always monitored for renewal by our automated system.

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Why choose Amezmo

No vendor lock in

With Amezmo, you have no vendor lock in. If you decide that it's not right for you, then it takes virtually zero effort to migrate off of the platform.


Amezmo’s container management engine provides you the ability to quickly bring up and take down secure, production ready servers for your PHP application. With dedicated allocations of computing resources, you can be sure you're getting the performance and resources as stated.

Our promise

If you're not happy with the service, for any reason, or no reason at all, we will refund you in full. Amezmo is constantly striving to improve our service using the latest technologies.