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Easily manage deployments, development, security, and maintenance all in one dashboard for all of your clients.

Features to Make You Productive

These core features are included with every account

Multi-site management

Amezmo has all the features you need to ensure a reliable and secure hosting platform for your clients. Isolated WordPress instances running in separate Docker Containers ensure security between different sites.

Isolated environments

Along with private domain names, each domain you manage with Amezmo will have 2 or 3 environments set up for your use. Common environments are staging and production, but you can call them whatever you want. Best of all, these environments can be automatically deployed to with a Git integration

Automated maintenance

Our engine automatically backs up your database, custom plugin and theme code so you don't have to worry about being locked in to our platform. Rest at ease knowing you can switch to another system at any time, without any hassle or trouble.


We'll host all your domains for you. With our DNS services, you'll have the ability map domain names to sites instantly. With an unlimited set of records, you can easily organize your site's environments to custom sub domains of your choice.

Git deployment

Quickly start a new site, and have it ready in under 30 seconds with one push of a button. Git integration makes local development easy. Amezmo allows you to set up deployment rules specific to an environment based on your git repository activity. After pushing your code, see your changes right away.

Secure by default

Amezmo automatically registers SSL certificates for all your environments automatically. They will be automatically renewed so you don't have to worry.

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