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Managed PHP app hosting.

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Give yourself a break from reading documentation. Amezmo is your cloud PHP hosting platform where deployments "just work" with GitHub and all the tools you already know.

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  • No confusing pricing. Tiers? page views, what?
  • Rapid deployments — 57.4 seconds on average
  • Automatic zero-downtime deployments from GitHub
  • Always-on containers
  • No cloud provider required
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Simple PHP app hosting powered by containers.

We crafted a combined hosting and git deployment platform that's robust, fast, and most of all, works with GitHub from the get-go. Deployment starts with a simple git push.

Amezmo lifted the system administration workload from me and helped the team focus on what is important: user interviews and feedback, quick code releases and code building.

10th paragraph in Lifting the system administration workload by Karen M. CTO, 1Export

Deploy your apps using GitHub with our all-in-one cloud PHP hosting platform.


Cloud PHP hosting

  • Application servers powered by Docker with the latest tools needed to run cloud applications. Nginx, MySQL, Redis.

  • Laravel, Craft CMS, Drupal

  • Fully managed PHP container servers that never sleep.


MySQL databases

  • Secure by default and never exposed to the Internet.

  • Remote access with SSL, or SSH tunneling.

  • Automatic backups with encryption

Automatic deployments

One-push deployments

  • Automated, zero-downtime deployments with GitHub, or your favorite provider.

  • One push deployments with zero-downtime.

  • First-class support for GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

See the difference with managed PHP app hosting.

Your time is the most valuable resource you have. Amezmo gets you from your GitHub repo to production faster than traditional cloud platforms. Explore managed PHP app hosting.

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