Automated PHP Deployments

Install your Composer, or NPM packages with a hook and deploy directly on Amezmo. No cloud provider required.

  • Works with GitHub / GitLab / BitBucket
  • Rollbacks
  • Atomic deployments
  • Custom deployment scripts (bash)
  • Deploy with one push

Atomic PHP Deployments

Get continuous deployments with Git. Set your target branch, and we'll start a new deployment each time you push.


Rollbacks to a previous release in one click. Amezmo keeps your 4 most recent successful releases around in case you need to switch.

Deployment hooks

Run custom shell scripts before, during, and after your deployment.


Never suffer downtime from a bad deployment. Amezmo only releases your code into production when your deployment succeeds.


Be sure your app or customer won't be served a 404 page because of a bad deployment.

Easy to use

Amezmo is by far the easiest platform to get started with. Don't worry about a learning curve.

Powered by the technologies you already use and love.

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