Deploy automatically

Push your code to GitHub and watch the dashboard update in real time. Amezmo deploys your code as soon as changes are made to your repository.


Any deployment tool should increase your productivity and save you time. Deployment hooks ensure you can have extensibility when deploying.


Never suffer downtime from a bad deployment. Amezmo only releases your code into production when your deployment succeeds.


Fault tolerant means your customers won't be served a 404 page because of a bad deployment. Human error happens, but Amezmo is the trampoline that will prevent you from falling into a hole.

Install dependencies

Install your Composer, or NPM packages with a hook.


Keep your releases

Instantly rollback to a previous release if you need to. Amezmo implements rollbacks atomically meaning a new deployment is not neccessary.


Spend time writing code

See how Amezmo can save you time by starting a free trial. No credit card required.