Zero-downtime deployments for PHP

Push your code to GitHub, or GitLab and watch the dashboard update in real time. Amezmo deploys your code as soon as changes happen to your repository.

  • Works with GitHub / GitLab
  • Rollbacks
  • Atomic deployments
  • Custom deployment scripts (bash)
  • Easy to use
Atomic PHP Deployments

Get continuous deployments with Git. Set your target branch, and we'll start a new deployment each time you push.


Rollbacks to a previous release in one click. Amezmo keeps your 4 most recent successful releases around in case you need to switch.


Run a hook script at each step of the deployment process. Your deployments don't succeeed unless your hooks pass


Never suffer downtime from a bad deployment. Amezmo only releases your code into production when your deployment succeeds.


Be sure your app or customer won't be served a 404 page because of a bad deployment.

Easy to use

Amezmo is by far the easiest platform to get started with. Don't worry about a learning curve.

Install dependencies

Install your Composer, or NPM packages with a hook.


Keep your releases

Rollback to a previous release in one click.