The Amezmo PHP Platform

Save hours of time hosting PHP applications with Amezmo's automated git-based workflow.

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First connect GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket
then deploy with git push
and then celebrate.

Out of the box, for PHP developers.

Amezmo's platform saves you hours of time as a PHP developer. On Amezmo, you don't have to spend time managing or configuring servers. We made it so all you have to do is focus on writing code.

PHP 7.4
GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket
Atomic deployments
Managed MySQL databases
Automated backups
Custom domains with SSL
Secure remote access

PHP hosting for developers

You don't have to spend time reading documentation or setting up servers to host and deploy a production-grade PHP application.

Modern PHP

Run the latest and greatest supported PHP versions including 7.4 as well as your other favorite services like Redis, MySQL, and Supervisord for your background processes.

Push to deploy

Connect your GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket git repository to deploy automatically each time you run git push.

Custom domains

Bring your custom domains to Amezmo and get automatically renewed SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt including wildcard certificates.

Secure by default

Amezmo makes security-first assumptions so you can spend time focusing on writing code, and not configuration security settings.

Daily automated backups

Automatic MySQL backups work out of the box without any configuration. Encrypt your backups and store them offline.

Instance sharing

Share your instance with other instances securely with Amezmo's Instance Sharing feature that allows you to combine the resources of one instance (such as MySQL, Redis, or PHP-FPM) with another.


Run your backend queues and workers with Amezmo's managed worker feature which easily lets you run long-running background processes without worry about restarting them, or rotating logs.

The fastest way to host a PHP site

Designed by, and made for, full-stack PHP web developers, Amezmo is the cloud PHP hosting and deployment platform you've dreaming about