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Managed PHP hosting.

Focus on code, not infrastructure with Amezmo — A container-based, managed PHP hosting platform. Per-application server instances with always up-to-date services like PHP and MySQL. Amezmo is all-in-one โ€” And it's way faster than managing a VPS.

Code first.

The way things should be.

  • No YAML configuration
  • Always-on
  • Fast deployments. Really fast.
  • Made exclusively for PHP apps.

Hosting and deployment

Deploy fast. Deploy often.

Container-based app instances, made exclusively for PHP, are always optimized for running and hosting PHP applications with the latest software. First class Git Deployments lets you get your code live when you need it live, saving you time, and most of all, saving you from having to manage servers.

Per-app instances

With the latest and greatest PHP, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, and more, your apps run isolated from each other in a separate Container. If one app or site goes down, rest assured that it won't be a single point of failure.

One-push deployments

Connect your GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket git repository and deploy automatically each time you run git push.

Custom domains

Bring your custom domains to Amezmo and get automatically renewed SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt including wildcard certificates.

Always secure

Amezmo makes security-first assumptions so you can spend time focusing on writing code, and not configuring security settings.

S3 Compatible backups

Never lose data with automated database backups, and release backups to your S3 provider.

Application isolation

Easily run multiple applications in complete isolation from the other; preventing compromised servers from accessing other client sites.

High-performance caching

Speed up your dynamic PHP pages significantly with Amezmo's easy-to-use, built-in caching layer.

See the difference with managed PHP app hosting.

Cloud PHP hosting without DevOps or server management.