Supported PHP Versions

Amezmo's platform has all supported PHP versions from The PHP Group. We automatically apply the latest security updates for you too.

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Amezmo ❤️ PHP

Increase your productivity and gain hours of time. Amezmo's code-first platform for PHP gives you the power to deploy, host, and scale your application in minutes.

First-class Git support

Connect your repo and then each time you run git push, and new deployment is started. No plugins, or add-ons required.

Secure by default

We built a secure-by-default PHP platform so you can spin up instances and deploy production-grade applications in seconds.

Free SSL Management

Bring your custom domains to Amezmo and get automatically renewed SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt including wildcard certificates.

Backup while you sleep

Automatic MySQL backups work out of the box without any configuration. Encrypt your backups and store them offline too.

Horiziontally scale

Share your instance/application with other Amezmo instances securely.

Run queues/workers

Amezmo's background process manager handles the logging, stopping, and re-deploying of your queue/workers. Best of all, your workers are automatically reloaded after each deployment.