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Simple CraftCMS hosting.

More time worrying about code, and less time worring about hosting. Amezmo is optimized for CraftCMS applications.

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Container based
Git deployment workflow
One-push deployments
PHP 7.4
Automatic Composer installs
Automated daily backups
Background workers
Full MySQL support

Amezmo + Craft = ❤️

Deploy in seconds with a managed CraftCMS hosting platform that's both affordable and powerful. Designed for freelancers and agencies, Amezmo is an all-in-one platform for hosting and deploying CraftCMS applications.

Dedicated container hosting

Automated deployment

Automated HTTPS

CraftCMS optimized hosting

We've did the homework on what it takes to host Craft applications so you don't have to spend time worrying about configuring your application for production.

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CraftCMS Environment Variables

Automatic environment configuration

Stay focused on coding, and not configuring. We've built a developer-friendly and powerful PHP hosting platfom that is focused on minimizing manual configuration settings. No DevOps needed.

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