Straightforward monthly pricing

Know exactly what you'll pay every month with no surprises.

per container/month

  • 128 MB memory

  • Single-repo workflow

  • 1 PHP process

  • 1 GB web storage

  • 256 MB MySQL storage

  • Zero-downtime/continuous deployment

  • Automatic HTTPS

  • Server Metrics

  • 50 deployments/month

Developer preferred
per container/month

  • Everything in Free

  • 512 MB memory

  • Multi-repo workflow

  • 2 PHP processes

  • 5 GB web storage

  • 2 GB MySQL storage

  • Automated backups

  • 1000 deployment minutes/month

  • Resource alerts

  • SSH access

  • Cron jobs

  • Background workers

  • Email notifications

  • Basic HTTP authentication

  • Email support

per container/month

  • Everything in Standard

  • 1 GB memory

  • 4 PHP processes

  • 10 GB web storage

  • 4 GB MySQL storage

  • 2000 deployment minutes/month

  • Websockets

  • Encrypted backups

  • Remote MySQL

  • Premium support

Frequently asked questions

You can get more memory and CPUs with the purcahse of an Add On. Memory and vCPUs can be added to your instance in increments of 512MB.
Yes, a free tier is offered after you create an account. Free tier requires the placement of a Powered by Amezmo badge. We automatically insert this badge into your HTML pages.
In an effort to support the ongoing development of Amezmo, this is a small snippet of HTMl that is inserted into the bottom of every HTML page. This is accomplished using the Nginx sub_filter module. See an example here.
We're backed by AWS, in the North American region. We're in the process of expanding to other regions.
Your server is located in the US East or US West region. We're working on expanding to Africa and Asia.
Each instance you launch is an isolated Docker container running Ubuntu Linux.
Yes! From your account settings, head to the Referrals page to get your unique referral link. Share the link with your friends an unlimited amount of times to earn credits towards your next invoice.
Prices listed on the Amezmo website do not include applicable VAT charges. However, after creating an account, you will see prices inclusive of VAT on the dashboard instance launch page.
Every new customer gets a 7 day free trial that includes all paid features. Simply create an account, and create your instance from the dashboard.
Yes. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason at all, you're not happy, simply submit a support request and we'll process your refund immediately.
The free tier has a limit of 1GB storage space. At this time, paid instances do not have a defined limit.
Amezmo provides a full stack platform as a service dedicated to PHP hosting. We combine raw computing resources with an automation platform that makes it fast and easy for you to launch or migrate your existing PHP applications to the platform.
Amezmo uses a deployment hook pattern to execute custom scripts prior to import/deploying your code. Running a database migration would be as easy as one line of code in a bash script.
Remote database access is implemented using an SSH tunnel or direct access with SSL.
You will be able to create and delete an instance as many times as you would like throughout your billing cycle. For example, let's say you paid for a 1GB subscription today and created your instance. Then you delete this instance from the dashboard 15 minutes later. You will still have the capability to spin up another 1GB instance as many times as you want from today up until 30 days later.
After you provide a payment method, we'll charge your card as soon as you create an instance in the dashboard. This instance will automatically renew 30 days later unless you delete your instance.
Delete your instance from the dashboard and you won't be charged again.
We accept PayPal, and all major credit/debit cards.
If we fail to deliver on our 99.99% uptime SLA, your original payment method will be credited for the amount of time your service was unavailable.

Included for everyone

Dedicated resources

Amezmo is not shared hosting. Each instance you create on Amezmo is a private Linux container with dedicated computing resources.


We're here to provide top-notch support to you and your team. We take pride in taking care of our customers.

Simple billing

You get dedicated computing resources with predictable pricing.

Zero-configuration SSL

We'll create and renew your SSL certificates with our battle-tested LetsEncrypt integration.

One-push deployment

Unlimted Deployments. Your deployment begins as soon as you push.


Your instances run in an isolated private subnet, dedicated to you. You don't have to worry about setting up a firewall. OS patching and daemon patching is also provided.

The fastest way to host a PHP site

Designed by, and made for, full-stack PHP web developers, Amezmo is the cloud PHP hosting and deployment platform you've dreaming about