Run Modern PHP Servers

Launch an optimized server instance that’s ready for your PHP application. No configuration needed and all the latest software is installed by default. Amezmo provides the hosting.

Latest PHP Versions

Run any supported release of PHP and FPM. From 5.6 all the way up to 7.4. We’ve got you covered with automatic security and patches too. Never worry about getting the latest update.

Redis Caches

Install Redis on your server with one click. Need to scale? You can run Redis on a dedicated instance saving you memory by scaling your application horizontally.


Managed MySQL 5.7 with automatic backups, and in-dashboard backup/restore. It can’t get easier than this. Attach a slave instance, if you want, too.


Provision your instance in 60 seconds or less. Choose your required software, then sit back and relax. Forget about running a bunch of apt commands and searching Google.


Launch an instance that's dedicated to a specific layer of your application in one click. Instead of running a fully featured server that wastes memory, you can run an instance that has, for example, only Redis running.


View live memory metrics reported every 60 seconds. Included with every instance for free.

Spend time writing code

See how Amezmo can save you time by starting a free trial. No credit card required.