Managed SQL Databases

Launch, scale, backup, restore, and manage, your MySQL databases with ease. Amezmo saves you time when it comes to setting up databases for your PHP applications. Everything just works.

Backup/Restore Screenshot
Automatic Backups

Schedule automatic database backups with optional offsite backup locations such as S3. Download your backups directly from the dashboard.

Zero configuration

Don't worry about editing configuration files for your database daemon. Rest assured that your database is optimized and secured right out of the box.


Upload your existing databases from an SQL file.


All database servers are secured with a firewall by default and are only accessible from your instance's network.


Launch a dedicated database instance that only runs your database and nothing else.

Remote access

Remotely access your database from your local machine with a secure tunnel.


Sleep easy knowing your data is secure. Setup automatic backups in one click. Store these backups file in a storage provider such as S3.



Connect your existing Amezmo instance to another instance in your secure private network. All with zero configuration.

Launch dedicated Database instance