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The managed Laravel hosting platform.

Amezmo's all-in-one, managed laravel hosting and deployment platform brings you a professional experience without the cost of managing a VPS or the cost of DevOps. — Deploy and host Laravel on a managed container system with todays most popular tools and services.

Get your Laravel apps to production faster.

Tailored for running Laravel apps in production, Professionals use Amezmo for a hands-off approach to hosting and deploying Laravel applications.

Bring your Laravel app to life with every feature you need.



Run any version of PHP including PHP 8.


Automatic SSL

Bring your custom domains and enjoy truly automated SSL.


Persistent storage

Easy and unlimited storage.

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Laravel Queues

Queue management is setup by default. Your queue runs in one click with integrated logs, and management in your Amezmo dashboard.

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Nginx is configured for you out of the box with all the security features and PHP-FPM directives you need.

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Managed MySQL is ready by default, and requires no extra cost, or configuration.


Automated backups

Automated daily database backups with optional S3 storage.


One-push deployments

Deploy instantly each time you push using GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket. Run custom shell scripts before, during and after each deployment.

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Integrated log viewer for your Queues, Cron jobs, and application.


Always-on containers

Managed "alyways-on" containers that are optimized specifically for Laravel hosting.


Laravel scheduler

Run your Laravel scheduled tasks by setting up the Laravel task scheduler Cron job. This Cron job is automatically generated for you.

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Zero-downtime Deployments

Deploy directly from GitHub with zero downtime.

Laravel Hosting

An essential set of features.

For doing professional Laravel apps.

Provisioned Linux containers

Backed by AWS, Linux containers are created on-demand with Nginx, FPM, MySQL, and Redis.

Step 1. launch instance

Multiple environments

Easily setup a staging and production environment with Git.

Step 2. Connect git provider

Auto deployment

Deployment happens automatically each time you run git push. Deployments are failsafe, so one bad deployment doesn't bring down production.

Step 3. Deploy with zero-downtime

See the difference with managed PHP app hosting.

Your time is the most valuable resource you have. Amezmo gets you from your GitHub repo to production faster than traditional cloud platforms. Explore managed PHP app hosting.