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An essential platform for hosting Laravel apps

Amezmo's all-in-one, managed Laravel platform, brings you a modern hosting and deployment experience without the cost of managing a VPS.

Zero-downtime deployments
Docker-based containers
PHP 7.4
Automatic Composer installs
First-class Git support
Laravel queue management
Full MySQL support

Tired of DevOps?

Amezmo is the all-in-one platform for deploying and hosting Laravel applications. Use Amezmo to host Laravel on Linux container-based servers all backed by the global AWS platform. In addition to hosting for Laravel, Amezmo provides an all-in-one application management suite and first-class support for multi-environment automatic deployments with Git.

Laravel Hosting

An essential set of features.

For doing professional Laravel apps.

Provisioned Linux containers

Backed by AWS, Linux containers are created on-demand with Nginx, FPM, MySQL, and Redis.

Step 1. launch instance

Multiple environments

Easily setup a staging and production environment with Git.

Step 2. Connect git provider

Auto deployment

Deployment happens automatically each time you run git push. Deployments are failsafe, so one bad deployment doesn't bring down production.

Step 3. Deploy with zero-downtime