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Welcome to Amezmo. This documentation is continuously refined and updated by the Amezmo community. With that being said, Amezmo welcomes all contributions on the public Amezmo Docs repo.

How PHP Hosting Works On Amezmo

on Amezmo, your production sites will sustain uninterupted availibility at all times. First, you must have be using Git with either Github, BitBucket, or GitLab. Secondly, your applications must be able to run outside your local machine. That is, your application should not be hardcoded to depend on a personal file or directory.

Your PHP applications on Amezmo execute in a homogeneous server environment. Your application is deployed with Atomic Deployments. Out of the box, your application should run without requiring custom packages. Amezmo creates a Docker image based on Ubuntu in advance with the most common update-to-date packages. For special requirements, please send us a message on Slack, or support, and we'll customize your image to install any custom packages with Apt.

Amezmo PHP Hosting Components for Your Applications

Get details about setting up your PHP applications and server infrastructure on Amezmo. Learn about automated deployments, and more. For specific questions that are not answered here, we encourage you to join us on Slack.


Launch a dedicated service instance, or a full stack instance. Scale up or down at anytime. Learn more.


Run a fully managed dedicated instance of MySQL on Amezmo. Launch a database instance into your private network and let your other instances connect to it. Learn more.


Automatically deploy your PHP application with zero-downtime using Git. Learn more.

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