DotEnv is a configuration pattern that loads environment variables from a .env file. Amezmo generates a .env file for you at instance creation time. This file is automatically available to you from your webroot. Depending on the options you've chosen at instance creation time, you will see a set of predefined variables.

Upon updating your configuration from the dashboard, the updates are immediately copied into your current release directory. Amezmo does not validate your file before placing it inside the root of your current release directory tree.

Your workers are reloaded via SIGHUP after your configuration file is copied into your release directory.


When a new deployment happens, the most recent .env file is copied into the deployments target release directory.


Upon updating your configuration file, Amezmo will optionally execute a script on your behalf.


This script is executed before Amezmo places the updated configuration file into your current release directory.


This script is executed after the file was successfully copied to your current release directory, but before your workers are reloaded.


Configuration hooks have a 15 second timeout.

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