Terminating, or deleting an application completely removes the application from Amezmo. Deleting an application is permanent and cannot be undone.

Note: As soon as you terminate an application, you will no longer be charged for it.

When you delete an application, your final charge for the application will be rounded to end of the current hour. For example, if you've deleted an application at 5:15 PM, you'll be charged for the application until 6:00PM. You're charged for usage on a per-hour basis, rounded up to the nearest full hour.

In some cases, it will take a few minutes for Amezmo to completely terminate your application. However, the timestamp from when you executed the termination process is used for determing your final charge. For example, if you've terminated an application 5:58PM, but Amezmo has a delay in processing the termination, then you will only be charged up until 5:58PM.

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