Applications on Amezmo are backed by an optimzed Docker container instance. Each "instance" of an application is a isolated container running on reserved hardware resources. Amezmo was designed to run PHP apps. Launching an instance on Amezmo creates a single container instance with two environments

Standard, and Pro instances come with a staging environment and a production environment by default. These environments are located within the same container instance. Each operation on the Amezmo dashboard operates with an environment context.

All of the configuration required to run a production-ready PHP app is ready by default with little or no custom configuration required. Our system supports framework-specific configurations for frameworks such as CraftCMS, Laravel, and Yii.

For pricing and features, see the pricing page.


  • MySQL 5.7
  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • development subdomain
  • Custom domains with SSL
  • Optimized PHP-FPM
  • Managed background workers
  • Managed Cron jobs

Amezmo is designed to be "locked down" by default. This means no root access. This is by design, and helps you, and the Amezmo team maintain a secure, and predictable environment for running PHP apps.

Need support?

We're always happy to help with either application or infrastructure questions Always feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, or contact support.

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