Development subdomains

Each application instance on Amezmo gets a subdomain of The general form will be $instanceId.$ The $instanceId placeholder value here is a random string unique to your instance. See the Regions section for the complete list of Amezmo provided development domain names. This domain can be enabled/disabled at anytime.

The subdomain may be used for testing purposes or private development purposes. You're also free to use this domain as your primary application domain and for your application hosting purposes. On Amezmo, it's not required to have a custom domain.

When you launch a new instance, Amezmo will ask you to provide a custom domain. However, you may provide any dummy value, such as, if you don't have a custom domain and/or you don't choose to use a custom domain.


The actual subdomain that you are assigned will be based on the region in which launch your instance. The general form is as follows:

Region Domain
United States,