Amezmo implements atomic, real-time deployments based on your git push activity. When your repo has new push events, Amezmo will be notified and immediately begin a deployment process.

You can use Amezmo to ensure your PHP application is highly available. Deployments on Amezmo combine a series of atomic steps that operate in a pipeline. Pipeline steps have success conditions. Conditions are checked as a prerequisite for advancing to the next step in the pipeline. In the case of a negative success condition evaluation, your deployment pipeline safely terminates leaving your active, or live site unaffected.

Deployment pipeline success critera

You can keep your production site highly available to your users or customers with Amezmo Atomic Deployments&mark. Amezmo deploys your PHP application with a pipeline Atomicity. This gurantees invariability between your live production site, and a failed deployment. There's no risk in automating your PHP deployments.

Amezmo deploys your PHP application to production in a pipeline comprised of indivisible units of well-defined deployment tasks.

Configuration files

An .env, will be placed into your root deployment directory automatically. This will overwrite any existing .env file your archive may have.

Deployment directories

The deployment directory section describes the layout for zero-downtime deployments Learn more.


Amezmo's extensible deployment systems provides you the capability to run your own code at any step of the deployment process. Learn more.


After a successful deployment, then the deployment is considered a release. You may rollback to a previous release at anytime. Learn more.

Fault tolerance

Your application will not be affected by a failed deployment, as Amezmo only releases your successful deployments.