Automatic Composer package management

Upon connecting your Git repo, you have the option to automatically install your Composer packages. With this option checked, Amezmo will check the top level directory of your repository for a composer.json file. If one is found, then a composer install is executed. In addition, the following is also executed automatically in the order listed below:

For free tier instances, Composer is automatically managed for you. Composer installs are run in a secure dedicated instance allowing your composer install command to exceed the total memory allocated to your free tier instance. This is accomplished securely in an isolated fashion. At this time, composer dump-autoload cannot be run in our Composer install queue because Composer hard codes the directory path of each file. When your queued composer install runs, the root directory in the context of command, is /webroot, since we execute your install in a chroot.

  • composer install
    Amezmo caches your vendor directory, so each deployment does not install your pacakges from scratch.
  • php artisan migrate --force
    Only executed if an `artisan` file is found in your top-level directory.
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