SSH access overview

SSH access is implemented as tunnel-only for the 512MB instances and is intended for remote MySQL access. Full shell SSH access is provided with 1GB instance types and up.

SSH is implemented through Amezmo's secure entry point host. We securely route your connection from our load balancer directly to your instance using a pre-allocated port. Learn more about enabling ssh access and finding your port.

Remote MySQL access

The following command can be run from your local computer. This will setup an SSH tunnel to your instance. After running the command, you will be able to access your database from your local machine with a MySQL client such as MySQL Workbench, Sequel Pro, or the native mysql command line program. Learn more about remotely accessing your MySQL server.

To find your SSH port, navigate to your instance's Overview tab and look for the section "Server details".
        ssh -i <your private key> -p <your port> -L 3306: -N


  • Root access is not implemented.
  • Public Key authentication is the only supported method of authentication.
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