Amezmo support

Amezmo is passionate about our customers and we're always eager to help you. From migrating existing PHP applications to the Amezmo platform, or questions about how to use Amezmo for your particular use case, we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may request application support, or infrastructure support. Amezmo has 3 support levels, along with a response time. If you're not sure if your support request would be within the scope of the levels defined below, please send your request.

Level Availability Description Medium
Free Free Best effort application support and infrastructure support with 24-72 hours. Email
Premium $499 per month Real time responses for priority requests. Email, Slack


Amezmo provides up to 2 hours of free migration assistance. Migration assistance consists of live chat and hands-on support for you bringing your application to Amezmo. Included tasks include:

  • Code changes and direct pull requests on GitHub
  • Techincal assistance
  • Live chat
  • Consultations and advice