Backup and Restore

By default, Amezmo installs MySQL 5.7 on your instance. This installation is optimized for security and performance. Backups are user-initiated. Amezmo offers logical backups to be taken from user-initiated process. This type of backup is commonly known as a "Database dump" which is a file consisting of SQL statements such as CREATE TABLE, INSERT and CREATE DATABASE. This backup can be used to replicate your production environment on your local machine and for archiving purposes.

Backup Strategy

The type of backup strategy your application will have depends on your instance type. Because of the memory constraints associated with running a replicated backup, some instance types will not have a replicated backup setup and will take their backups directly from the master MySQL server.

The backup strategy types are based on the instance type and are outlined as following:

  • Master Backups are taken directly from master
  • Slave Replicated backups taken from a slave node
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