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Managed .NET core app platform

Fully managed container environments for deploying and hosting your modern, cross-platform .NET Core applications.

Stay focused on code.

Because your time is valuable.

  • Zero setup required. Just connect a Git repository to start your first deployment.
  • Long running container instances
  • Automatic deployments
  • .NET Core hosting that just works because everything's ready out of the box.

The simple app hosting platform for .NET

From the laptop to production in seconds.

An elegant take on what is to be the future of C#, the .NET Core platform — Amezmo amplifies your idea by letting you focus on code and not deployment infrastructure. From Nginx configurations to automatic deployments, Amezmo is the .NET Core platform you've only dreamed about.

Say goodbye to


.NET deployments.

Just git push, or merge a pull request and a new zero-downtime deployment begins faster than you can rebuild your application on your local machine.

  • Backed by long running container instances
  • You don’t have to learn a proprietary configuration language
  • Easy development experience. No learning curve required

Application isolation

Easily run your .NET Core applications in complete isolation from the other. Focus on writing code, not infrastructure management and firewalls.

One-push deployments

Connect your GitHub account and deploy automatically each time your chosen branch has activity. Need something more advanced? Hook Amezmo into your pipeline by deploying with the Amezmo API.

Your domain names

Custom domains with SSL management, of course. Your domains will be well taken care of on Amezmo. Free SSL and automatic renewals for your lovely domain names.

Network security

Literally run your applications without thinking about network security. Your container is automatically locked down by default, and only HTTPs traffic is allowed in. It's really this easy.


Is your application using a database for persistence? You've come to the right place. MySQL, with automated backups, is ready for out of the box.

See the difference with managed .NET Core hosting.

Your time is the most valuable resource you have. Amezmo gets you from your GitHub repo to production faster than traditional cloud platforms. Explore managed .NET Core hosting.